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We're Coming Back!

In 2020, when the world experienced the unexpected pain of a pandemic one-hundred and thirty women from four countries gave witness through written evidence of the power of God’s Promises in our first-ever global women’s devotional. As the pandemic continued to disrupt our lives with unforeseen life issues, and the world continued to turn on its axis, many of our lives were turned upside down, and right side up with no true compass to provide a way forward. Stricken with fear of the unknown and stuck somewhere between purpose, pain, and panic, many women began to feel the pressure of the pandemic. Whether experiencing job loss, reduction in pay, slow clientele, shortage of work hours, working from home, to having to homeschool our children, to teaching both in person and virtual at the same time, women have endured the impact of what felt like a broken promise.


With life circumstances at an all-time high, and faith at an all-time low, the past 24 months has handed each of us our own set of issues blow by blow. Silently and slowly, chipping away at our confidence, clarity, consistency, focus, vision, vitality, energy, and expectations. The sneak attack of the pandemic taunted our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, yet many women found both the grace and grit to war against depressive experiences and episodes that seemed to inevitably bring spiritual, mental, and physical exhaustion, and emotional emptiness. Due to impact of the pandemic, we experienced grief, loss, lessons, and life’s lows that made breakthrough feel like the broken place. During this season of battle, we encountered the enemy in both the natural and spiritual realms and the warfare almost took us out!


BUT this time, you had to change how you fight and where you fight!  If you had to Re-Up to reclaim what belongs to you and rediscover what’s within you, we want to join forces with you!


We’re looking for women who had to REUP and move their battlefield to higher ground to REFOCUS, REFUEL, and REBUILD.


We want you to share your post pandemic testimony of grit and grace with us as an author in our upcoming Promise Devotional Volume II, The ReUP! We would love for you to share how the pandemic became the birthing place of your next dimension!

The ReUp Live Experience
Coming March 2023

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