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Meet Our Authors

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Dr. Kimberly Ellison


Lakeytha G. Clayton


Jennifer Phillips


McKinley Ellison

McKinley Ellison

Dr. Faith Oliver Robertson

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Angela Johnson

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Dr. Estrelita Bruce

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Dr. E. Michelle Mickens

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Kamisha LaTrey & Terra Fontenot-Beard

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Dr. Marcia Theadford

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Sophornia Davis

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Sontonya Davis


Scribe Tribe 2019

Tamara Bond, Sontonya Davis, Stacey Dickson, Sherilyn Fidelis, Taryn Givan, Katrena Mayes, Tanya McDermott, Stefani Morrow, Lataria Peterson and Heather White

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Sherelle Alexander Reed

Author of Promise Women's Devotional, Bling "The Anthology", I'm Speaking & Sister Soiree

"I always wanted to become an author because I knew my testimony needed to be shared.  I delayed doing so largely because I thought the process would be difficult.  I took a step of faith and decided to give it a shot with Sparkle Publishing.  The process BLEW MY MIND!!!  The entire Sparkle Team is AMAZING!!!  I felt valued from start to finishing.  We laughed, cried and praised GOD together throughout the process and everything was done in EXCELLENCE!  I became an AMAZON Best Seller as a 1st time author.  Because of the overall experience with Sparkle Publishing I am now a 4 time author with them!  Thank you Sparkle Publishing for handle my stories with the utmost care all while keeping GOD at the center of it all!  I will definitely be back again!" 

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Tyisha Jenkins

Author of Promise Women's Devotional, I'm Speaking & Dear Lord, Thank You

“Dear Lord, Thank You” for the “Promise” because now “I’m Speaking”! These are the three titles of the amazing books that I was able to publish with Sparkle Publishing in a matter of 10 months. It started in July 2020 with the Promise Global Women’s Devotional, which was an absolutely amazing journey. Sparkle Publishing blessed 130 women with the opportunity to be published authors at the same time, some of us for the very first time. Well Promise propelled me into my purpose with my solo release of Dear Lord, Thank You in January of 2021! I am truly honored and blessed to have my own Amazon’s Bestseller out that is designed to help people with their prayer journey. I was then able to be a part of the April 2021 release, a beautiful project titled “I’m Speaking, Rewritten Rules of Encouragement to Affirm.” I cannot stop reading the words of encouragement and amazing affirmations by all of the women who contributed to this book that is disrupting anything that comes against our goals and aspirations. Lisssssttttenn...if you have a book in you, whether it’s your personal testimony, a devotional, a prayer journal, a spiritual growth/self help book, please do yourself a huge favor and get your shine on and publish with Sparkle Publishing. You won’t be disappointed. The team, the vision, the process, the professionalism, and the passion that Sparkle Publishing carries is unbelievable. 

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Professional, Proficient, and Pleasant are just a few words to describe my personal Sparkle Publishing experience. 

I've had the blessed opportunity of working with Sparkle Publishing on two book projects:

The Promise Devotion and my personal E-Book, "Happy King, Happy Everything!" 


It is evident that Sparkle Publishing is passionate about producing quality work.

Consider them for your next book project... you will NOT be disappointed! 


Dr. Marguritte S. Johnson

Sparkle Publishing helped me find my spark. The team supported me on my journey and restored my confidence in sharing my story with the world. The process of writing a book went from daunting to exciting after one call with Dr. Kimberly! Ebony King

I would like to personally thank Sparkle Publishing for their positivity and their encouragement. Last year, back in April 2019, I was tagged in a Facebook post by one of our former church members (she was stationed here in Korea and has relocated to the states) about the possibility of writing a devotional with other ladies from around the world. I thought this was very fascinating and after some conversations with my husband, I decided to do it.


I thought the entire process was awesome! Dr. Kimberly and her team coached us along the way and provided us with information that helped us gain an understanding of what was happening. They also worked tirelessly to ensure that the final product was done in excellence and that it represented God's Kingdom in the earth. I thought both projects were an amazing way to encourage people around the world; especially during this crucial time of living in the midst of a global pandemic.


Because of my experience as a co-author for both the Promise Devotional and the I'm Speaking rules of engagement and affirmations book, I have recommended people to Sparkle Publishing for their book projects. 

Phyllissia Allmond, Korea

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