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Sparkle Publishing is a boutique style publishing company where authors can customize their publishing package to fit their personal and financial needs. Your story is your Sparkle! Here at Sparkle Publishing, we realize that every author’s experience is as unique as their manuscript, however, the purpose is the same, to become a published author. Our strategic approach to publishing includes manuscript preparation, book layout, design, and helping authors create a book marketing strategy to include pre-launch and launch of their published book.


Our boutique style publishing concept was created for authors who are ready to publish within 90 days. Yes, 90 days!

The Sparkle Publishing team partners with each author in three areas:

1.)  Manuscript Readiness and Preparedness

  • Editing services

  • Format Editing

  • Book Sizing & Pagination


2.)  Book Cover Design & Layout

  • Font, Back & Spine Book Cover

  • 3D Book Mockup

  • Social Media & Website Advertising


3.)  Sparkle Author Book Marketing

  • Book Marketing Strategy Session

  • Book Launch & Signing Consult

Our goal is to get your book published! You keep 100% publishing rights and 100% of your book sales. We get paid for services provided. If you are looking for a publishing company to meet your customized needs, then you have found it!  Become a Sparkling Publishing Author and share your Sparkle with the world!

Our promise is a partnership, excellence, and completion. We want you to know what we offer our authors and our commitment is our brand!


Through our partnership with each Sparkle author, we focus on customizing your process to meet your individual needs and walk alongside you from beginning to end.


Excellence is our signature, in both service and product!  Sparkle Publishing prides itself on serving and meeting our author's needs, and we will not publish books that do not meet the Sparkle Publishing standards of excellence. Just because you self-published doesn’t mean it has to look like you did it by yourself! You have a team of experts and specialists here to help!


Completion is your return on investment! Numerous authors begin their publishing process; however, they fail to finish the process. Here at Sparkle Publishing we only work with clients who are ready to complete and publish their book. We begin with the end in mind. ​

Sparkle's 90 Day Process!

1-30 Days

Initial Sparkle Publishing consult

Sign Sparkle Publishing Author Agreement

Guarantee your author agreement with deposit

Continue manuscript updates

Dream about your book cover design

31-60 Days

Submit manuscript draft for editing

Submit book cover design concept

Review first draft manuscript edits

Review first draft book cover design

Submit the second draft for revisions/review

Submit author revisions for book cover design

61-90 Days

Review the second draft of manuscript edits

Review second draft revision for book cover design

Finalize and review final manuscript

Submit manuscript to formatting editor

Review and revise new book format

Finalize book cover

Book pre-launch and launch strategy session

Prepare to send final manuscript, book cover to print

Send final book to print


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