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As part of Sparkle Publishing's author development program, we've created a Networking Community for aspiring and published authors to create, grow, and expand their platform. Here at Sparkle Publishing, books are our business and we're creating space for authors to make BOSS Chick moves!

The Books, Business, & BOSS Chicks community provides aspiring and published authors with resources to expand their platform and increase profit using their published works. 

  • How to leverage your book to build a profitable platform

  • The business of becoming a published author

  • Media & marketing your message

  • Increase your visibility and vision

  • Build a career as a speaker and trainer


  1. Publish your works

  2. Profit from your works

  3. Platform expansion from your works for your audience


- Build Your Book Business

- Elevate Your Book Brand 

- Expand Your Speaking & Training Platform 

- Get Paid from Your Published Work! 

BBB creates a community for current and aspiring authors to learn:

Books, Business and BOSS Chicks 3-prong approach to serving our community:

Book Boss Chicks it's time to:

BBB Author One Pager


Books, Business & Boss Chicks Journal (Pre-Order)


Published Author Tee


I Am Affirmation Package

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Book Boss Chick Tee (Pre-Order)


Books, Business & Boss Chick Mug

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