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Sparkle Publishing Author Guidelines

Authors in a signed contractual agreement with Sparkle Publishing are aware and responsible for adhering to the stated guidelines. Failure to comply with or act in accordance with the stated guidelines are immediate grounds to terminate the publishing contract with Sparkle Publishing and said author. Author and Publisher contract termination period is immediate and no refund in any said amount will be returned to the author. All original manuscript files will be returned to the author along with any completed work up to the date of the contract this does not include work that is in progress of being completed. Such work will be terminated and given to the author in its current condition. This includes but is not limited to the following:


* Manuscripts in the editing process

* Manuscripts in the format editing process

* Book Cover designs at any stage

* Print stage of the published book

  1. Sparkle Publishing has full approval of the finished product and must approve the finished published book product prior to printing.

  2. All Sparkle Publishing Authors must be in full production within the first 90 days of the signed contractual agreement.

  3. All printing is the responsibility of the author in agreement with Sparkle Publishing.

  4. All content is believed to be true and accurate at the submission of the manuscript and Sparkle Publishing has no liability to the literature produced by said author.

  5. There are no refunds including partial or full at any time during this publishing process. All deposits, payments, and financial transactions are final and Sparkle Publishing will not be held liable or responsible for repayment.

  6. Sparkle Publishing Authors will use the print company of Sparkle Publishing unless otherwise approved by the Publishing Director prior to final print. During re-print authors must inform Sparkle Publishing in writing of their decision to use another print company outside of the Sparkle Publishing network.

  7. After three months of inactivity from the author, Sparkle Publishing reserves the right to terminate the publishing contract upon two attempts to communicate with the author.

  8. The publishing contract covers up to three consults within the 90-day contract additional consults will be billed at a per-hour rate to the author.

  9. All advertisement media of the published book will be at the expense of the author in contract with Sparkle Publishing; all advertising media must be approved by the Publishing Director of Sparkle Publishing and aligned with the brand strategy identified in the third consult.

  10. Sparkle Publishing is a boutique-style publishing company that provides book publishing services.

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