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Author Agreement Terms

This submission agreement defines terms between Publisher and Co-Author, that pertain to their writing or artwork (hereafter referred to as Work) being featured in Promise Vol II - The ReUP.


1. The author maintains that he or she is the sole author of Work, and owner of the copyright and all of the contents of the Work and has full power to enter into this Agreement; that he or she has not engaged in plagiarism with respect to the Work; and that the author, if submitting Work that is to include any content that does not originate from the author or to which the author does not own the copyright to, has obtained the copyright owners written permission to use any such material and will provide Publisher with a copy of all written permissions for use at the time of submission to Publisher, and that all such uses will be so noted in the Work.

2. The author guarantees Publisher that the Work is accurate, is not in violation of anyone’s privacy, is not injurious, obscene, libelous, slanderous, or otherwise a violation or infringement of any federal, state, or local law, statute, or code, and further agrees to hold Publisher, its employees, directors, shareholders, representatives, heirs and assigns, harmless for any damages resulting from any litigation resulting from publication of the Work.


3. Publisher reserves the right to require reasonable revisions to a Work in order to ensure that the Work meets Publisher's quality standards for publication. Co-Author shall receive reasonable notice of such standards and reasonable time to revise the Work accordingly.


4. If, prior to the completion of the Work, there shall be a dispute of any kind with respect to the Work, then the parties may terminate this Collaboration Agreement by an instrument in writing, which shall be filed with the Sparkle Publishing.


5. The Co-Author grants the Publisher ongoing permission to publish the Work in print and electronic formats ad infinitum. This includes reprints and digital sales containing the Work.


6. The Co-Author grants Publisher permission to use Work and Co-Authors’ names or professional pseudonyms in marketing and promotion.


7. The Publisher retains exclusive copyright to the Work, including story, characters and artwork, for all media including print and digital.


8. The Co-Author confirms the Work submitted is their original Work, and the Publisher assumes NO liability for submitted Work to which they do not own the copyright.


9. The Publisher retains the right to determine the appearance of book cover and manuscript appearance.


10. The Publisher is not and will not be liable to the Co-Author or any other person/entity for lost profits or revenues due to, relating to or in connection with the submission of Work.


11. The Publisher is not and will not be liable to the author for any misplacement or loss of the Work for any reason. It is the author’s responsibility to retain complete records and copies of all materials/files relating to the Work pre and post publication.


12. The Publisher will use an approved print company vendor to print all copies of the Work.


13. The Publisher reserves the right to cancel publishing contract within 30 days of no response or work submission from the author. If contract is canceled, no refund is provided for services rendered or deposit to enter contractual agreement.


14. The author understands that all outstanding payments must be finalized prior to submitting bulk order purchase.

15. The author is responsible for using or establishing their individual platforms to promote and sell their books. 

16. The author understands that improper use in the form of the purchase of the website domain containing the name of the book for use of payment for the collective book collaboration violates contractual author agreement terms.

17. There are no refunds, exchange of services, bartering, or transferring of monies paid as part of publishing agreement. No particular, percentages or whole amounts will be made nor considered. 

18. Author must provide a high-resolution professional photo to be approved by managing director of Sparkle Publishing. 

19. All manuscripts are to be completed by final request date and submitted to Sparkle Publishing team. 

20. Author agrees to promote Promise ReUP marketing and media collateral associated with Promise book presale, release and co-authors via individual social media platforms including but not limited to posting, tagging, sharing and commenting. 

21. Author is in agreement that no sales of books collateral, or otherwise may be sold by the author until after the Sparkle Publishing book release event. 

21. The author understands that a terms verification on the ReUP Sign Up Form ratifies all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

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