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Your story is the voice of your witness! Your expertise is the answer to somebody's problem! It's time to write your book and GET PUBLISHED! As a published author, you increase your credibility, visibility, and profitability! 

Our BEST SELLER Bootcamp is the 1-Day Basic Training you need to get started or finish your book! The accountability and action you need to take happens this time, not tomorrow, next week, or next year! No more wondering HOW, let our Sparkle Publishing team show you HOW! 


Best Seller Bootcamp is the boost you need to Get Published!


During the BOOTCAMP we will cover: 


  •  Effective Writing Strategies

  • Develop Writing Timelines

  • How to Get Published

  • Book Pre-Sale & Release Strategies

  • How to Determine Book Category Selections

  • How to Increase Book Pre-sales 

  • Best Seller & Testimonials

Reserve Your Spot today! Seating is limited! 

Event Registration

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