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DOP Bulk Order Form & FAQ

Bulk Purchase Order Form
Select Merchandise

Please provide a date that is a minimum of 2 weeks to allow for printing and shipping.

By submitting this form I authorize Sparkle Publishing to provide an official order quote to include requested products and shipping fees. Once the quote is provided and approved, the author authorizes a single transaction and does not provide authorization for any additional unrelated debits or credits to the author's account. I, Daughter of Promise certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company; so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form. If the above-noted submission falls on a weekend or holiday, I understand that the order will be reviewed by a Sparkle Publishing team member on the next business day. 

Thank you for submitting your order! A member of the Sparkle Publishing Team will be in touch within 2 business days to provide you with a book quote to process your order.

Daughters of Promise FAQ


Promise I and II Commission Packages


Am I able to change my package? No. The deadline to change your package was on October 31, 2020.


How will I get credit for a sale through the Sparkle Publishing website? The customer will be prompted to type the name of the author that they are supporting. 


If I am a Promise I/II Commission author can I purchase books in bulk? Yes. However, the rate per book would be the retail price of $22.00 per book. At the end of that month you will receive the commission from the bulk purchase.

If I am a Promise I/II Commission author can I purchase journals, mugs, and t-shirts in bulk? Yes. Please use the Bulk Purchase Order Form above to place an order for wholesale purchase.

Is the Sparkle fee per unit for Promise I/II Commission authors? Yes. The Sparkle fee per unit is $5.00 per book. 


What is the Promise I/II Commission per book? $4.17

For commissioned authors, will we get a list of who purchased from us? Yes. On the last day of the month, each commissioned author will receive an emailed report of the monthly sales, and profit payment will be sent to the author via Paypal.

For commission authors, does Sparkle Publishing ship the books directly to the customers? Yes. All orders placed through are shipped directly to the customer

Are customer shipping tracking emails automated? Yes. The customer will receive an email notification with a tracking number when their product ships.

How does Sparkle Publishing handle customers missing orders? The customer or supporting author will need to provide the name of the customer, email address used for the order, forward a copy of the confirmation email, and/or order number received after purchase to assist the Sparkle Publishing team to identify and search for the missing order.

Can customers return damaged books? Yes, our return policy states that if a product received by the customer is damaged during shipping the customer has 72 hours to report a damaged product to A return label is then provided to the customer. Upon receipt, the customer will be shipped a new product.

PROMISE II and III Direct Sales  

What should I do if I receive books from the printer that is damaged? The author has 72 hours upon receipt of the order to report any damaged books. If the author reports the damaged books to Sparkle Publishing within the 72-hour time frame then the author will receive a return label to initiate a replacement order from the printer.


As a Direct Sales author I want to sell the wholesale products on my website can I get the 3D image of each product? Yes, once you have placed a bulk order with Sparkle Publishing you will receive the 3D image to include on your website. 


Is there an option to have Sparkle Publishing ship bulk for conferences if we are Promise III? No. All bulk orders will be sent directly to the author. 

What is the Promise I/II Direct Sales Rate per book? $11.83

What is the Promise III Direct Sales Rate per book? $6.83

Do I have to pay shipping fees for my bulk order? Yes. Once a bulk order is placed at the author will receive a quote for products and shipping fees. 

Can the printer ship directly to us? Yes. All bulk orders will be shipped from the printer directly to the Direct Sales author. 

For direct sales, should we sign our books before we send them out? That is totally up to the author.


General Questions


What is the retail price of the Promise Devotional? $22.00


Can I use the Promise logo, I Am Evidence logo or other graphics created by Sparkle Publishing to create and sell my own merchandise and products? No. All of our logos have been copyrighted and the use of the Intellectual Property of Sparkle Publishing logos or Promise Devotional logos is illegal.


What size is the book? 6" x 9"


Will there be a digital option for people to purchase in the future? Yes, the book will be sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


Will the Daughters of Promise get a commission from the digital version of the book? No. The profits made from a digital book version will be paid to Sparkle Publishing.


I got a new website. Can I change the link on my banner and flyer? Yes. The author will incur a processing fee of $5.00 in order to update the banner or flyer.


Are we able to use the Crown Secured picture in posts, blogs, etc.? Yes. Any of the flyers that have been created and posted in the group can definitely be used to promote the book. 


Is the book a hardcover? No. The cover of the book is paperback


Will the journal be sold separately? Yes. The journal is available for purchase on 


What are the shipping fees? Generally, Sparkle Publishing charges $5.00 per book however you can set your own pricing for shipping.


Is there a deadline to upgrade your package? The deadline to upgrade a package was July 10th and now that the book is officially published all packages are locked in. 


When can we start pre-sale? All sales begin on July 30, 2020


When I usually purchase my book copies from Amazon it typically takes about a month to receive them. Will that be our same experience? The standard turnaround time that Sparkle Publishing has experienced with KDP/Amazon is right around 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the order and shipping location.


Since you get a discount with the more books printed if we order 100 plus books do we get a discount? No. The book printing rate with KDP is $6.83 no matter the quantity.


Will we make a commission on the journal as well? No. The journal was written by Dr. Kimberly Ellison and contains original quotes from the Daughters of Promise.


What is the minimum of journals we can order at a time? The minimum journal purchase for bulk orders is 10. 


Is there a processing fee every time we order a shirt? Yes. There is a $20.00 fee every time an author submits a t-shirt order 


Can we still purchase a landing page? No. The deadline to purchase a Promise Landing Page was July 15th.


Can the devotional be used as a bible study with a women’s group or church group? Yes. 

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