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What genres do you work with?

We work with all subject matter, providing that your manuscript does not contain lewd or violent overtures, we will review your work for publication.

How do I submit my manuscript for review?

Request our free publication package or give us a call. We will assign you an agent that will ask you a few questions about your manuscript and provide you with instructions on how to submit.


If chosen for publication, where will my book be sold?

Sparkle Publishing is an international publisher. This means your print and ebook will be available for sale around the world from popular retail outlets such as Barnes & Noble,, Books-A-Million, Kobo and more.


What formats (sizes) can you print?

We can publish books in a multitude of different trim sizes, bindings and color options. From hardcover children’s books to standard paperback novels – we can print and distribute your book in just about any popular format.


How much can I expect to make from each book sale?

At Sparkle Publishing you keep 100% of your royalty fees. Your profit is determined by your print cost per book minus your book sales price. 


I have already self-published or published with another company?

Sparkle Publishing can still help – we “republish” books all the time. It is a simple process to reprint and market a previously published title.

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