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All-Inclusive Publishing Package


This summer, give yourself the gift of your dreams! Publish the journal, devotional, workbook or self-help book you've been thinking about and working on, but haven't finished. It's time you "PUSH" and get published with Sparkle Publishing's, "From Paper to Published," limited-time offer!


From Paper to Publish is the perfect publishing package for you, if: 



















  • Your book manuscript must be a journal, devotional, workbook or self-help book to include reflection, journal  entries, prayer, discussion, question prompts, steps, tips, actions, teaching, etc. 

  • Must be 10,000 words or less. 

  • Must be one author...No group or multiple authors.

  • Manuscript content must be approved by Sparkle Publishing.

  • Manuscript includes no custom design. 

  • Text designs available for an additional fee.

  • Book must be published in 4 months from the date of the signed agreement.

  • No Refunds and Non-Transferable.

  • you've been thinking about writing your journal or devotional and never got around to it,

  • you've written your journal or devotional and it's in one of your notebooks waiting to be published, 

  • you've been talking about this journal and devotional and you are tired of talking about it, 

  • you've put off publishing because you just didn't have the money it takes to publish a quality book,

  • you've been procrastinating for no reason other than just procrastinating and now it's time to publish, 

  • you've been afraid of not knowing all of the steps to get published, 

  • you've been hesitant because you think people may not read your book, 

  • you've felt you needed an accountability partner to push you,

  • your 2020 experience slowed down your publishing process, and

  • you are ready to go from Paper to Published!

  • Your Published Book 

  • Book Editing 

  • Book Formatting

  • Group Book Pre-Sale and Book Release Strategy Session Digital Download

  • Book Cover

  • ISBN & Barcode

  • Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)

  • 3D Book Image

  • 1 Standard Paperback Book Format 6X9

  • Non-Exclusive Contract

  • Author maintains 100% rights

  • Author maintains all copyrights

  • Digital Download in PDF format

All-inclusive publishing package includes:

Publishing Guidelines:

PUBLISHING PACKAGE INVESTMENT: $1,950 + Credit Card Processing Fee


Option 1 - $2,007 (Full Payment)

Option 2 - $502 (4 Payments/Monthly))

Option 3 - $251 (8 Payments/Bi-Weekly)

Get Published! 

Thank you for completing the Paper to Publish Form. Check your email for next steps from the Sparkle Publishing Team!