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All-Inclusive Publishing Package


The Sparkle Publishing Paper to Publish All-Inclusive Publishing Offer is for authors whose writing inspires or

encourages spiritual growth and personal and professional development. We would love to partner with you to help you

inspire and ignite individuals, groups, and/or families through your published work. 




















  • Your book manuscript must be a journal, devotional, workbook or self-help book to include reflection, journal  entries, prayer, discussion, question prompts, steps, tips, actions, teaching, etc. 

  • Must be 10,000 words or less. 

  • Manuscript content must be approved by Sparkle Publishing.

  • Manuscript includes no custom design. 

  • Text designs available for an additional fee.

  • Book must be published in 4 months from the date of the signed agreement.

  • No Refunds and Non-Transferable.

  • you've been thinking about writing your journal or devotional and never got around to it,

  • you've written your journal or devotional and it's in one of your notebooks waiting to be published, 

  • you've been talking about this journal and devotional and you are tired of talking about it, 

  • you've put off publishing because you just didn't have the money it takes to publish a quality book,

  • you've been procrastinating for no reason other than just procrastinating and now it's time to publish, 

  • you've been afraid of not knowing all of the steps to get published, 

  • you've been hesitant because you think people may not read your book, 

  • you've felt you needed an accountability partner to push you, and

  • you are ready to go from Paper to Published!

  • Your Published Book 

  • Book Editing 

  • Book Formatting

  • Book Cover Design

  • ISBN & Barcode

  • Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)

  • 3D Book Image

  • 1 Standard Paperback Book Format 6X9

  • New Release Marketing Graphic

  • Non-Exclusive Contract

  • Author maintains 100% rights

  • Author maintains all copyrights

  • Digital Download in PDF format

All-inclusive publishing package includes:

Publishing Guidelines:

From Paper to Publish is the perfect publishing package for you, if: 

PUBLISHING PACKAGE INVESTMENT: $1,950 + Credit Card Processing Fee


Option 1 - $2,007 (Full Payment)

Option 2 - $502 (4 Payments/Monthly)

Option 3 - $251 (8 Payments/Bi-Weekly)

Get Published! 

Thank you for completing the Paper to Publish Form. Check your email for next steps from the Sparkle Publishing Team!

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