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The Kingdom BOSS Chick BLUEPRINT you've been waiting for! Inside the BLUEPRINT: As women we spend countless hours searching for a blueprint and framework or rather a recipe for success and most often we look for that proven methodology from another woman. Well, look no further! The Kingdom BOSS Chick Blueprint gives you a Polaroid preview of the gifts, skills, talents, knowledge and experiences of BOSS Chicks who did not allow economic hardships, societal norms, gender pay gaps, racial disparities or fear hold them hostage from living a life of destiny, promise and purpose. Blueprint, tromps industry standards of a Boss Chick by providing kingdom principles and practices of women who’ve taken their brand beyond profit into brand purpose. Don’t just be a BOSS, be a Kingdom BOSS Chick, a woman who knows how to translate biblical principles into career, business and life success.

Kingdom Boss Chick - Blueprint

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