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“It is important for Black men to have a safe space where they can find encouragement from other men who understand what they're going through, and this book will provide that space.” – Dr. Kimberly Ellison, Owner of Sparkle Publishing

From history’s past to the present day, Black men have faced countless inequities and disparities in the workplace, business, and life. At almost every turn, one reads, sees, and hears oppressive stories of marginalization and discrimination against Black men in America, and it can be easy for Black men to lose hope. In 2014, “I can’t breathe,” the last spoken words of Eric Garner, a Black man who died in a choke hold at the hands of New York City police officers, quickly became the narrative for various social movements, organizations, and people around the world. Although unfortunate events created a mantra for a movement, those events quickly became a narrative that restricted the uplifting stories of many Black men. It is time for Black men to tell their stories of respiration of how they rediscovered their hope, courage, and strength during times of difficulty. Respire gives readers permission to breathe again and build again. Men of all ages whose faith has been under fire or experienced life’s challenges will find a part of themselves in this book.


Respire is a safe space for men to find encouragement and mentorship from the stories of other men who understand their experiences. Respire is an anthology of stories that share how these successful Black men turned their fear into faith and troubles into triumph, found destiny amid downsizing, found God amid pulling the trigger, overcame impoverished environments, turned depression into dreams, and left their home country and found purpose.



Respire is a compilation of stories written by ten Black men who, through personal and professional challenges, recovered and rediscovered their hope, courage, and strength. With diverse backgrounds, education, experience, knowledge, awards, and accomplishments, Respire authors are powerhouse men from around the world (the United States, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and Nigeria), ranging from pastors, preachers, educators, corporate executives, business owners, fitness trainers, speakers, entrepreneurs, and former professional athletes whose stories will uplift and counsel other men around the world.



  • Your faith has been under fire

  • You are in need of encouragement as a Black man

  • You would like a mentor but don’t have the time

  • You’ve experienced job loss

  • You’ve dealt with feelings of depression

  • You’ve had to start over after divorce

  • Your dreams have felt delayed or denied

  • You are looking to increase your faith

  • You’ve experienced disappointment at work or in business

  • You are unsure of your next step along your journey

  • You are seeking a life of purpose

  • You are ready to breathe again and build again


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