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Every diamond has been tried, but only true and rare diamonds have been tried and trusted. Prepare to go on a journey through the lives of 10 women who share how they discovered diamonds in their coal buckets. Learn how each woman’s life experience caused her to question her faith and doubt her future, yet fight for her destiny. From childhood to womanhood, each story captures the essence of perseverance, resiliency, fortitude, and determination that helped each woman uncover her SPARKLE, Strengths, Passion, Actions, Reactions, Knowledge, Lessons learned, and Exit Strategy! The bigger the diamond, the brighter the SPARKLE; each story ignites an undeniable spark of transparency, authenticity and truth with the power to break through piles of coal in dark places. As you journey through Sparkle, you will feel every emotion, and encounter each experience while witnessing the process of diamonds being discovered in the dark! This Sparkle cost them something, how much does your Sparkle cost you?


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