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Bling  (blĭng) or bling-bling (blĭng′blĭng′)

adj.  the idea that light glinting off gold or diamonds would make a bling-like sound if you could hear it.

Diamonds are not only a girls best friend, but also the most sought after gems on earth. A diamonds value is determined by its color, clarity and carat weight, but a diamond's bling is determined by its cut.  The cut of a diamond is what makes a diamond perform at it's best when hit by light! Join Scribe Tribe 2020 Anthology, "BLING," BOSS Chicks Who Discovered Their Bling Through Blind Faith!  We are looking for 10 powerful women entrepreneurs, business owners and/or leaders in marketplace ministry to co-author their story of how they discovered their bling through the entrepreneurial challenges of being financially broke, heartbroken, and/or experienced a form of brokenness, yet recovered their bling from the broken place. 


If you are a woman in business or ministry who decided to walk by faith believing the unbelievable, and expecting the impossible we want you to join Scribe Tribe 2020 and share your story with the world! 

This is for the women who've been cut with precision, on purpose! 

What's included in the author package: 

  • You will be a published author

  • Media Promotion via radio interviews, blogs, and other media outlets

  • Your photo included on an individual author flier and co-author flier

  • Promotional book collateral for your personal marketing

  • Access to Virtual Book Publishing Breakout Session

  • Getting Published and Getting Paid Strategy Session  

  • Speaking Opportunities at Women's Conferences and Events

  • Access to Scribe Tribe Social Media Author Page

  • Opportunity to generate revenue

  • Share your SPARKLE with women around the world

  • Active participation in book release and book signing as an author

  • Published Author T-shirt

  • Live Interview at Book Release

Author Package Investment:

Option # 1 - Full Payment $1,397 

Option # 2 - Monthly payment $200 (7 installments)

Option # 3 - Bi-weekly payments $100 (14 installments)

Option # 4 - Weekly payments of $50 (28 installments)



**Payments set to begin on or before May 1st and all final balances must be paid prior to November 2020 book release

Author Guidelines: 

  • Outline of manuscript must be submitted for approval by requested deadline 

  • Manuscript must be typed in MS Word and approved by Sparkle Publishing and submitted by requested deadline

  • 2200-2500 words (Extra words will be an additional cost) 

  • Professional head shot photo must be submitted by requested deadline

  • Brief author bio must be submitted by requested deadline

  • Copyright will be registered under main author 

  • Expected Book Release November 2020

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